Canoe Trip


  • Printed on beautiful quality Origin Matt 230gsm coated paper at 300dpi
  • Available in sizes 8″ x 10″and 11″ x 14″, custom sizes available on request
  • Ships from the UK
  • Royal Mail shipping: Orders within the UK – 1st Class
  • International Orders – 1st Class Tracked & Signed
  • Please specify custom text and/or colour at checkout
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Canoe Trip is one of our newest prints which combines our love of bold colours, the great outdoors and Autumn.

– Canoe Trip –

Mr Bear woke up after a long, restful hibernation and immediately needed his favourite food; honey. He looked about his home, checking every nook and cranny searching for his favourite food. “Hmm, not one drop”, he thought to himself. He must have woken up mid-hibernation and finished off his supplies. He gently scowled for a moment but soon thought up a solution. He would head out and hunt down some honey from down in the woods. Mr Bear peered out from his cave, his face lit up by the setting sun. He couldn’t fully appreciate it’s beauty as the rich, golden colour only reminded him more of the honey he was without. It was getting late but there’d be no use in sitting around and he wouldn’t be able to sleep after his season-long slumber so he grabbed his paddle from the wall and headed down to his trusty canoe by the riverside. Mr Bear pushed the canoe into the water and clambered in. The canoe splashed about eagerly and Mr Bear frowned guiltily as he noticed the canoe was submerged a lot lower in the water than before his hibernation. “Must have been all that delicious honey.” he thought to himself as he smiled and headed down river.


♡ Please note: prints do not come framed.

♡ Designed and created in the United Kingdom.

♡ We send all of our prints First Class via Royal Mail. If you’re ordering from outside of the UK, we’ll provide you with a tracking number so you know exactly when to expect your order.

♡ Want to know more about the Custom Text and Custom Colour options? Head over to the Customise My Order page and we’ll explain how it works!

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♡ All work and designs are copyright of Lil&Brun.


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