Colour-In Cheeky Monkeys


 Simply click the Download button, save the file to your desktop or somewhere you can easily find it. Open up the PDF (or double click on the .zip file if your computer hasn’t already uncompressed the PDF file) and then print!. Crayons are unfortunately not included.


Do you know someone who can improve on our Cheeky Monkeys? Download our Colour-In Cheeky Monkeys for FREE!

There’s nothing that monkeys love more than swinging through the tallest trees of the jungle, and what have this cheeky pair stumbled upon during their race home? Only their favourite treat – bananas! While Mummy Monkey is busy making dinner, they quickly swing through the branches to their favourite spot above the lake and gobble them down before they’re called back home. Cheer up your Cheeky Monkeys with this lovely colourful print and personalise it with their names to make it extra special.  Download our Colour-In Cheeky Monkeys now!


♡ Designed and created in the United Kingdom.

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