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Who We Are

Hello! We’re Elif & Jamie, aka the humans behind Lil & Brun. While Jamie is the creative mastermind and designer of all our prints, I take care of the boring bits and make sure he doesn’t get carried away with adding too many leaves and making mountains too tall and don’t put that cloud there move it here and… (I definitely don’t boss him around).

Lil & Brun was born from a love of 2 things: dogs & designing. Back in November 2016, we decided that here in the UK we were lacking nursery-friendly prints in a style that we would want to buy: whimsical yet bold, aww-inducing scenes that don’t compromise on style. So, armed with our brand name inspired by the best 4-legged mascots money (& treats) can buy, we set about trying to change that. Head over to our shop to see our prints!